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Land Development Services of Michigan L.L.C. offers an abundance of services. No matter the size of the job, turn to our experienced team for boundary surveys, topography surveys, ALTA surveys, construction stakeouts, and much more. We’re thorough in our work and care about our clients’ needs.

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Our Capabilities

Land Surveying

Boundary Surveys

A boundary survey allows you to formally define the corners of the property. They’re notably important when you’re trying to secure building permits, resolve property disputes, or set up fencing. Choose us to perform a boundary survey, whether you plan to buy, build, or pursue another objective with the land.

Topographic Surveys

A topographic survey allows us to better understand the terrain and can assist in the design of improvements or development of the property. It helps us identify natural and artificial features – from land contours and trees to buildings and fences.

Location Surveys

These are valuable for surveying for alignment or linear-type features. Receive one if you plan to build transportation or communication lines, from railways to telecom lines. Also, route surveys are great when you’re involved with canals and pipelines.

Control Surveys

A control survey establishes strong reference points for determining boundaries, mapping for aerial photographs, and more. It lays the foundation for other survey types. Reach out to receive one from our team.

Construction Stakeouts

A construction stakeout survey involves driving stakes into the ground to mark the location to be worked on. Also, it tells, for example, a contractor how far they need to dig to meet specific design plans for a building. Use construction stakeouts to help ensure the correct placement of your building, utilities, or other items.

Right-of-Way and Easement Surveys

These surveys especially help identify the confines and use of a property from a legal standpoint. Easement refers to one’s right to use another’s property. Under easement sits right-of-way, which entails one’s right to travel over another’s property. Don’t leave such matters to guesses or work from an inexperienced team. Let us help you.

Industrial Surveys

Industrial environments can prove complex and require careful planning. Let our team give you the information you need. Through an industrial survey, we can help you better determine how your facility and machinery will fit in the site. Reach out today!

Plot Plan Surveys (also Lot & Site Plan Surveys)

This service includes a mix of boundary and topographic surveys – all used for designing improvements or developments and for getting government building permits.

Site Evaluations

Site evaluations help you determine if the site’s suitable. It allows you to better understand the characteristics of the site and the soil’s ability to properly handle wastewater, which can save you and your neighbors from headaches down the road. We analyze various parts of the land to help give you an accurate understanding.

Parcel Splits

Parcel splits occur when property is divided, or split, up between more than one person or entity. When need help regarding one, turn to our professionals to help ensure the process is done more accurately and smoothly.

Land Development Services

Land development allows people to alter the landscape to meet their needs or goals (e.g. for a road or building). Our team also offers a variety of land services. Projects we’ve helped bring to fruition include both residential and commercial. So, whether you plan to build a series of townhomes or a shopping center, reach out to Land Development Services of Michigan L.L.C. Contact us and learn more. 

Engineering: Civil and Structural

Civil and structural engineering help make sure many projects are possible. Don’t stress about having to coordinate with a variety of different specialists. Tap into our structural and civil engineering services for general-building infrastructure and more complex projects such as oil and gas refineries. Contact us to learn more and see how we can help. 

Project Management

Gain a team with an eye for detail, an understanding of fast-paced deadlines, can maintain a solid budget, and successfully coordinate issues and solve problems. No matter your project’s size, contact us for our project management services, which include pre-acquisition studies, feasibility/due-diligence studies, construction supervision and contracting, permits and approvals, lawn signs, banners, and development signage.

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ALTA & Additional Info

The American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) set important standards for land surveys for title professionals, lenders, and more. At Land Development Services of Michigan L.L.C., we’re dedicated to strict adherence to the requirements – as well as to surveying rules set notably by the State of Michigan.

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ALTA Land Title Survey

Land Development Services of Michigan L.L.C can handle ALTA Land Title Surveys for development or real estate transactions. An ALTA Land Title Survey helps to determine and depict important features of a property, including title boundaries, rights of way access points, buildings, other improvements, easements, encroachments, water features, and more.

Dreams Turned Reality: Our Work

Our team’s proud to have helped a wide array of clients, from individual home owners to businesses to municipalities. Several of our projects have garnered awards, including Golden Lakes, Manari Estates, Jefferson Meadows, and the Marathon Refinery Expansion.

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